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Exhibitions 2023

11 | 23 - Nicoleta Gallery, Berlin

10 | 23 - Thompson Gallery, Zug

09 | 23 - Swissartexpo, Zurich

Happy to be part of it!


Part of the Diversity series "We Women We" 2023 is now on exhibitions.

The series is a mirror of the times and an ode to women,

about being different, about norms, courage, reactance and rebellion.

And it's also about a small revival, namely the good old portrait painting, a little different.

This series is a matter of the heart and has been in the making since around 2020,

New works are added regularly.

Another series is the abstract series space | time | less

about the timelessness and diversity of colors, shapes and perspectives,

it too continues to grow.

The website only shows a part of the entire inventory.

More artworks and experiments will be posted on Instagram updated.

Have fun with it!

Please feel free to contact me

I look forward to feedback, interest or exchange.


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